Safety Awards Presented

September 14 2012 | News

Two construction managers from ECM Consultants, Inc. were recently recognized during a US Army Corps of Engineers’ weekly meeting for their courageous efforts in assisting a gentleman who was experiencing a heart attack while on the job site. Mr. James “Rudy” Ortego and Mr. Paul McGee demonstrated heroic actions in providing life assistance to a person in distress. Mr. Ujjal DasGupta, President of ECM, recognized these gentlemen and presented them with a plaque commemorating their efforts.  

<img alt="James " rudy="" ortego="" and="" ujjal="" dasgupta"="" data-cke-saved-src="/uploads/images/IMG_0437.jpg" src="/uploads/images/IMG_0437.jpg" style="width: 247px; height: 189px;">     Paul McGee and Ujjal DasGupta

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